Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling prosperous money seems to flow easily into your life?

It seems that whenever I am doing money mindset work, money just appears in my life.  It can be in the form of an unexpected windfall or even finding money in the street.
Yet I could never maintain the money mindset long enough to keep the money flowing in.

I’d make the intention to do the money mindset work, stick to it for a few days and I would start to feel better about money.  I would even start seeing unexpected money showing up in my life, but I would still get fed up or distracted and not do the money mindset work anymore. 

Almost immediately my money mindset would then revert to where it was before I started.  This pattern would go on and on even theough I knew that if I did the mindset work and stuck to it that my whole experience with money would drastically change for the better.


For me the hardest part in all of this is maintaining a feeling of being prosperous over long periods of time.  This is a tough one, especially when you are struggling to pay bills or struggling to have enough money to buy the things that you need let alone the things that you want. 

I found it impossible to be able to be in the money mindset while feeling poor.

My name is Jeff Fletcher 

I am a positive mindset song creator and the founder of positive mindset songs and manifestation music. 

I used to find it difficult to focus and was very susceptible to mood swings but then I started to use my skills as a songwriter to create songs that helped to keep me focussed and in a feeling state where what I wanted in life could easily manifest. 

For many years I have studied the effects of music and songs and how they influence our psychology, emotions and general state of mind. 

I know how to shift feelings and vibration with songs, I've been doing it consciously for years and my life has been transformed in so many fantastic ways. 

In 1997 I started performing vibration raising and healing sing-a-long performances to dementia sufferers and witnessed first hand the healing and transformational power of specific songs. I am also a master NLP practitioner and have studied hypnotherapy and naturopathy.

Being a songwriter I decided to write some songs that would help to keep me in the prosperity mindset for long periods of time without me having to give it my never ending constant attention. 

There will always be something coming up to distract us and try to steal our attention.  Also who has the time to constantly keep on at it,
we all have so much to do and think about in life.

Money Magnet Shifter Package

Jeff Fletcher

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This 10 song shifter package has been created to encourage within you, feelings and a mindset of already being prosperous. Open up the flow to more money in your life right now! Also includes a 21 minute upbeat mix of 6 of the songs from the package, great for working out or dancing to!

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